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We are Ionut and Raluca Ungheanu and passion for mioritic we discovered after a young shepherd purchase  in 2010.We liked mioritic in temperament and their imposing stature.They sre a very interesting and beautiful race ... are aggressive when it comes to defend its master and friendly like "angels" (as we like to pamper them) when it's case.Maybe their special way to show us that made us love us to buy more mioritic not one but four shepherds over a year and a half and we are not going to stop here. By pariticipation to the exhibition we wanted more and more to promote this great race ... before we part with our copies only in competitions organized in the country but we want to present shepherd mioritic and abroad.

We hope that through this site to discover the beautiful world of Romanian Mioritic Shepherd ...

We conclude by saying "Our life beauties, our joys, our dreams ... are all in one, namely Romanian Mioritic Shepherd"

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T +4 (0745)065-926 Raluca Ungheanu
T +4 (0723)179-740 Ionut Ungheanu
e-mail : canisadetohan@gmail.com

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