Romanian mioritic shepherd puppies!

Romanian mioritic shepherd kennel De Tohanul Nou are pleased to announce that they have confirmed all 3 matings of our 3 romanian mioritic shepherd females..

Liza and Nira were fitted with the same male and today we have confirmation that mount 12/07/2011 Laura caught. Laura was mounted H-Codin provided (world and European junior champion) and we expect a very god litter and healthy romanian mioritic shepherd puppies.the male(Norin) that were mounted Nira and Liza is a male with a very beautiful and excellent movement with a waist high in my opinion (80 cm) and a very good temperament.

When romanian mioritic shepherd puppies are born we will entertain with photos.

As you have seen puppies were born as follows:

1.Monta Liza & Norina - Birth date 24/12/2011 a female and a male, it seems tha tSanta Claus was very generous with us :)

2.Monta Nira & Norin, a female Birth date 26.12.2012

3.Monta Laura-Let's play it in my way & Ebony Tender Conditions-12/29/2011HCodin two females and one male

Pictures soon: D