Romanian mioritic shepherd kennel

Tohanul Nou Kennel


Tohanul Nou kennel was founded in 2010 .To make sure that you buy a typical Mioritic Shepherd is best to buy a pup from a kennel affiliated ACHR ( Romanian Kennel Club ) . In this way you are guaranteed that you are buying a young shepherd Mioritic typical for a kennel is authentic obliged to provide documents of origin ( pedigree ) and to go with all exhibits canine kennel for dogs to get them all right monta.In our kennel dogs are judged , have the right mount obtained from exhibitors and all arbitrations in jug own acts origin ( pedigree ) after their shepherd breed is demonstrated that belong mioritic as are copies of our quality .Kennel seeks to obtain copies of the following main characteristics mioritic Shepherd :
- Firstly that all shepherds mioritic follow our kennel to be specific breed shepherd dogs temperament Mioritic
- dogs healthy and healthy ancestors ie genetically healthy is very important in developing a healthy line
good - sized dogs with a 77-78 cm at the withers males and females between 68 and 72 cm from my greaban.Parerea that this breed is not yet ready for having copies over the 80 inches at the withers for males and 75 cm at the withers the femele.Talia be supported by bone , joints and muscles and a Group 1 race I do not have to be the backbone f thick and a very large dogs become unwieldy for that already and this is not specific breed Shepherd Romanian mioritic .
- dogs oasatura good and also good muscles
- dogs assimilate food very well for this is specific Mioritic considering race shepherd is a breed that made ​​the sheepfold .
dog- hair and undercoat quality
- white dog with black spots or gray gray but not deleted.
- ideal proportion of shepherd dogs Mioritic
These are the criteria selected dogs in our kennel and for guiding us to form a line.